You won’t find this job at the local mall…

December 6, 2004

At this time of year, retailers typically post signs in their windows looking for part-time help for the busy holiday season. In exchange for giving up your nights and weekends, you get around $7 an hour (depending on where you live) and a store discount. But the job offered to Restoration Hardware (RSTO) founder Stephen Gordon is one you won’t see a sign for in the window of your local mall. The company has entered into a new three-year agreement with Gordon, who started the upscale housewares/furniture company in 1980 and had been serving as chairman since stepping down as CEO in 2001. Under the new agreement that was inked in May, but included in the company’s recent Q, Gordon’s new title is founder/merchant. In exchange for working about 80 days a year, Gordon will receive $375,000 — not bad for a part-time job. There’s also a full compliment of perks that few part-time retail employees likely receive: an $1,100 a month car allowance, a part-time personal assistance, 150,000 stock options and up to $5,000 a year for tax preparation services.

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