Warning signals in Yelp’s 10-K

May 1, 2015

Back on March 2, we published a report on Yelp that looked at some of the tough new language that we found in their 10-K. Given Yelp’s earnings release on Wednesday and the sharp decline in the stock price yesterday, we wanted to make the report available to all of our footnoted readers. You can read the report here for free.

Just a reminder that there are no accidents in SEC filings. Everything is there for a reason.

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1 Replies to "Warning signals in Yelp’s 10-K"
  1. John writes:
    July 29, 2015

    Thank you so much for posting that. Would it be possible for you to post other old Pro reports? These are an absolute gold mine of helpful information for small investors who can’t afford the subscription rate.

    That was an interesting point in particular about the tax rate being a way of hiding bad news. I read a ton of 10-Ks and Qs and I’d never thought of that but will keep my eyes open to it from here on!

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