Are these 5 companies ripe for a takeover?

Several years ago, we developed a reputation for picking M&A targets in advance. We’re back with a list of targets that look compelling.

Deals on the mind at a biopharma darling

Several signals suggest management and the board are thinking a lot about deals — especially ones that might involve selling the company.

3D Systems’ curious trip to the Friday Night Dump…

A Friday night dump by the company heading into the holiday weekend caught our attention, both for what it said and what it didn’t say.

Looking at patterns in IDTI’s recent filings

On the heels of the CEO suddenly leaving, we took a look at some of IDTI’s other recent filings and found some interesting patterns.

Late filers: Who missed the 10-Q deadline (and why)

This is our quarterly round-up of those companies that couldn’t make the Aug. 9 deadline to get their 10-Qs filed.

Bylaws roundup: Two changes to keep an eye on

A number of large companies have been tweaking their bylaws to avoid potential entreaties by activist investors. What’s behind this sudden surge?

Barnes and Noble pays a visit to the dump

Late Friday night and then again early Monday morning, Barnes and Noble dumped 250 pages on EDGAR.

A closer look at sales leaseback surge

We’re seeing an uptick in transactions that could be driven by impending accounting changes — and may have big ramifications for investors.

Hidden disclosures ahead of 2nd Q releases

With earnings season about to kick off, we’ve begun to notice an interesting trend of companies sneaking new disclosures into one of the least read sections of any SEC filing or news release.

Ingersoll-Rand’s tax trouble may be even bigger than it seems

Ingersoll-Rand recently disclosed that its tax dispute with the IRS has gotten worse, by several hundred million dollars. But a little digging shows the real problem may be more than five times that size.