Goodwill amidst the merger machinery

With merger activity running at fevered pitch, regulators seem to be asking a lot more questions about goodwill.

Hidden disclosures in KBR’s Q

Several new disclosures in the 10Q that KBR filed on Thursday caught our attention.

China Biologic visits Friday Night Dump

This high-flying biologic company caught our attention after its unusual filing late Friday.

M&A speculation from a missing word

A one-word change in this company’s severance plan makes us wonder if the company is positioning itself for a deal.

Late filers: who didn’t make the 10-Q deadline and why

Each quarter, we take a closer look at those companies that were unable to make the 10-Q deadline. Several companies were newcomers this quarter.

Tenet: Another decade and another scandal?

Every 10 years or so, Tenet seems to find itself embroiled in a scandal. Will history repeat itself this time around?

Selective disclosure at 3D Systems

We take a closer look at some recent disclosures by 3D Systems and find some unusual patterns.

2013 10-K meme: A closer look at some big themes

After reading lots and lots of 10-Ks, we picked up on several themes across companies and across industries.

Late filers: Who missed 10-K deadline and why

This year’s 10-K deadline for companies on a calendar year was March 3, 2014. We take a closer look at who missed the deadline and why.

Target finally breaks its silence

On the same day it released earnings and held a conference call, there were other disclosures made by Target that didn’t attract quite as much attention.