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What’s $2 million between old friends?
November 13, 2003—Dynegy Inc. (DYN) , the once mighty Houston-based energy trading company that is facing multiple investigations, but which managed to eke out a $5 million profit this past quarter, sent the IRS a check for $2 million in October to cover tax obligations for options exercised by its former CEO, Chuck Watson. The $2 million […]

Another day….another golden parachute
November 6, 2003—There’s a few differences between the golden parachute offered to former Pulte (PHM) CEO Mark O’Brien (see below) and the one offered to outgoing Motorola (MOT) CEO Chirstopher Galvin that was detailed in the 10-Q filed a short time ago. For one, Motorola is much more discreet. When it comes to the bonus that Galvin […]

Sun’s surprise?
October 1, 2003—Sun Microsystems (SUNW) surprised investors late Monday when it filed its 10-K and noted that it would take a $1.05 billion non-cash charge to write-off a deferred tax asset it said it could no longer carry. But a quick skim of the company’s tax footnote in its 2002 10-K clearly showed a big spike in […]

Personal finance pays off!
September 22, 2003—Over the past two years, Intuit (INTU) has reduced the number of stock options granted to its employees and executives by half, according to the 10-K filed on Friday. But at least some of that was replaced by a new $18 million restricted stock plan for senior executives. Last year, according to the K, the […]

If only we were so lucky….
August 18, 2003—Dozens of companies including Apple Computer and Delta Airlines have recently announced option exchange programs, according to recent 10-Q filings. This perfectly legal accounting trick, which surfaced several years ago, allows employees to exchange their underwater options for new lower priced ones as long as they wait six months and a day to get the […]