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Addicted to Wal-Mart…
August 1, 2005—Coinstar (CSTR), which filed its Q late Friday, is showing a growing dependence of Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) that definitely seems worth paying closer attention to, given the nature of the agreement. In the recent Q, Coinstar noted that 28% of its revenues were from Wal-Mart, up from 4.7 percent a year earlier. Most of that […]

Rock’em, sock’em…
May 13, 2005—In the 10-K that it filed this morning, Circuit City (CC) had some interesting disclosures about its ongoing war with RadioShack (RSH) over the fate of the more than 900 RadioShack stores it currently operates in Canada, but which it is in the process of renaming The Source by Circuit City — something it plans […]

Free lunch
May 6, 2005—A star (definitely not a gold star) this week goes to Fieldstone Investment Corporation (FICC) and United Online (UNTD) for finding a new way to enrich insiders at the expense of shareholders. FICC has instituted option grants that vest over four years and come with “dividend equivalent rights”. Those rights allow the option holder to […]

Risk-free real estate for the chief risk officer?
March 28, 2005—Buying a home in today’s overheated real estate market can be so risky as this recent article points out. And who needs that kind of stress? Certainly not a bank executive whose title is Chief Risk Officer. Thankfully, IndyMac (IMB) has come to the rescue of John DelPonti, the 40 year-old former PwC partner it […]

Not much risk here…
February 27, 2004—Hawking cell phones these past few years was kind of like selling ice cream cones on a steamy August day: everyone wanted one. So it was a bit of an odd disclosure in Bell South’s (BLS) recent proxy and 10-K about the deal they struck with former Cingular Chief Operating Officer Mark Feidler. Before joining […]

More poking and prodding…
February 9, 2004—UPDATE About 45 minutes after I posted this, WebMD put out a press release announcing the SEC investigation. In the release, WebMD CEO Roger C. Holstein said, “The SEC’s involvement in these investigations is customary and we do not view their involvement as an expansion of the initial investigation in any way.” Give them points […]

Getting hotter…
January 26, 2004—On Friday, the same day that Halliburton (HAL) said it had fired two employees for taking kickbacks and repaid the government $6.3 million , the oil services giant warned in its 8-K that it was likely to be subject to increased scrutiny from “political adversaries of the Vice President and the current Bush Administration” as […]

Look before you leap!
December 23, 2003—Two weeks ago, rang the praises of Ptek Holdings (PTEK) , describing it as “a small stock with big potential.” But earlier today, the company filed two ammended 10-Qs, an ammended 10-K and an ammended registration statement for some convertible securities it offered this fall. In the K, the company says the revised filings […]

Hot potato…
November 11, 2003—11/12: UPDATE In SBC’s 10-Q filed earlier today, the company omitted its claim that Cingular did not qualify as a VIE. Whether that means Cingular will find its way onto SBC’s balance sheet in the 4th Q remains to be seen. Most kids probably no longer play this game. After all, it’s about as low-tech […]

Change is good!
October 8, 2003—Rite-Aid’s (RAD) former chief counsel Franklin C. Brown is currently on trial in a federal courthouse in Pennsylvania facing a number of criminal charges, most of them related to creative accounting. But the company’s 10-Q filed on Tuesday shows how the company is trying to win back investors, in part, by being very open with […]