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Winds of change…
October 30, 2003—Though the number is still small, there’s a growing number of companies out there that are releasing their earnings on the same day that they file their 10-Qs, even though they don’t have to. That’s great news for average investors because it means we have access to the real information instead of the PR-spin that […]

A summer sale that’s still going strong into fall!
October 7, 2003—Back in June, Eric and Alex Lidlow, the father and son at the helm of International Rectifier (IRF) embarked on a plan to sell some of their stock, often selling several thousand shares in 1,500 and 2,000 block increments in a given week. Just in September, the pair sold 20,000 shares, which turned out to […]

Buried treasure?
September 25, 2003—You know you’re in for some trouble when the first footnote you come across in the 10-K stretches on for 10 pages. Welcome to JDS Uniphase’s (JDSU) world! The company, which once was on the tips of many investors tongues and a frequent subject of discussion on CNBC, filed its 10-K late yesterday. The stock, […]

Deja vu…
September 17, 2003—Remember the good old days when technology companies that weren’t making any money would see their stocks double or even triple? It’s happening again — right now — at Tivo (TIVO) . The company, which filed its 10-Q late Monday, reported a loss of 7 cents a share for the quarter. Expensing stock options, which […]

This orphan’s been adopted…
September 15, 2003—Just a few short months ago, Dell (DELL) and CIT (CIT) were both pretty adamant that Dell Fianancial Services, an off-balance sheet joint-venture designed to finance Dell equipment, didn’t belong to either company, despite new accounting rules that seemed to require one of the companies to own up. But in its 10-Q filed on Monday, […]

Whining like a four year-old…
September 14, 2003—You gotta love it when a company with a nearly $2 billion market cap whines like a four-year old over a change in accounting rules that they perceive to be unfair. But that’s exactly what Hovnanian Enterprises (HOV) is doing in its 10-Q filed late Friday. Management believes that the new rules on off-balance sheet […]

Let’s get ready to settle….
September 2, 2003—The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) has apparently decided that it’s better to kiss and make up, rather than continue to thrash around in the ring. In the footnotes to a 10-Q filed late Friday, the company said it had reached a Memorandum of Understanding with a group of investors who had filed a suit against […]

Pricier than Park Place
September 1, 2003—It was right around this time last year when Inktomi — once a high-flying Internet search engine whose stock traded over $200 a share — was forced into a real estate squeeze play. During the Internet boom, Inktomi inked a synthetic lease deal with Deutsche Bank that enabled the company to keep the cost of […]