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Crash and burn!
July 26, 2005—It’s hard to find a stock that has had more of a rags to riches story than Host American (CAFE). For years, the company toiled in obscurity. But then, two weeks ago, Host announced that it planned to start surveying (whatever that means) several Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) in the Southwest to provide an energy-saving light […]

Either way, investors lose…
June 9, 2005—Last week, Standard Management Corp. Received approval from insurance regulators in Indiana to sell off its subsidiary, Standard Life Insurance Co. of Indiana. As the company noted in this release, that decision prompted its longtime CFO, P.B. “Pete” Pheffer, to resign. But Pheffer, who in 2003 made $350K, is looking for considerably more now that […]

Which one is it?
January 26, 2005—While I normally try to stay pretty focused on SEC filings, I found the irony here too difficult to ignore. Sun Microsystems (SUNW) CEO Scott McNealy has been one of the most persistent critics of Sarbanes-Oxley, telling USA Today back in October 2003 that the law was akin to throwing “buckets of sand into the […]

Two years later and still a problem…
August 10, 2004—Though it’s been nearly two years since Citigroup’s (C) former star telecom analyst Jack Grubman resigned — with a $30 million package no less — investors continue to sue the company over Grubman’s questionable calls. Last year, Grubman was sanctioned by regulators who fined him $15 million, and barred him from the securities industry for […]

Parting in such sweet sorrow…
July 30, 2004—Another top executive at Janus (JNS) has stepped down from the once hot fund company that got caught up in last year’s big mutual fund scandal. And like former CEO Mark Whiston, Lars Soderberg, 44, is also walking away with some nice — though not as nice — parting gifts. According to Soderberg’s severance agreement […]

The devil is in the details…
May 10, 2004—When Janus Capital (JNS) announced on April 20 that CEO Mark Whiston was resigning, it said that his severance would result in a $17 million charge, or 4 cents a share, during the second quarter. The company also said that Whiston, 42, would receive $5.8 million in cash, including an unspecified amount of money in […]

Not just tech companies…
April 2, 2004—So now that FASB has officially declared that companies need to stop burying their stock option expenses in the footnotes, look for things to really get ugly. Ten years ago, opponents of stock option expensing, led by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, managed to stop FASB by painting the proposal as anti-American, as stifling innovation, as hurting […]

Problems overseas too?
November 20, 2003—Between Oct. 3 and Nov. 13, Alliance Capital (AC) , a company at the center of the mutual fund scandal, was named as a defendant in 21 separate lawsuits — practically one for every day the courts were open — and several more have come in since Alliance filed its Q on Monday. But the […]

A family affair…
October 13, 2003—You have to wonder if while the SEC is poking around at Cardinal Health and taking a closer look at a $22 million litigation settlement as the company announced last week, regulators find other things worth paying closer attention to. In its proxy filed late last week, Cardinal (CAH) discloses several related party transactions with […]