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It’s not just their food that’s fattening…
December 17, 2003—Investors in AFC Enterprises (AFCE.PK) lost big when the company announced earlier this year that its stock was being delisted from NASDAQ because of its failure to file its 2002 10-K. Since August, the stock for the company that owns and franchises Popeye’s and Church’s fried chicken restaurants, as well as Cinnabon stores, has been […]

When good pensions go bad…
December 2, 2003—For anyone who still wonders why it’s so important to pay attention to the pension footnote, check out Greyhound Lines’ parent company’s 10-K filed yesterday. Sprinkled throughout the 270-page document filed by Laidlaw International (LALW.OB) are details on the company’s ongoing efforts to prop up its 13 different pension plans, following the company’s Chapter 11 […]

Life at the top…
November 5, 2003—When Mark J. O’Brien resigned as president and CEO of Pulte Homes (PHM) in July, he took home an impressive array of parting gifts. Although O’Brien,60, had worked for Pulte for 21 years, he had only been CEO since January 2001. The bounty is included in the 10-Q that Pulte filed earlier today: –A $3.2 […]

On its own two wings…
October 20, 2003—Even before it went public last year, Express Jet Holdings (XJT) has had a symbiotic relationship with Continental Airlines (CAL) that was mutually beneficial. ExpressJet has received loan gurantees and substantially all of its business from the much larger Continental. And Continental has been able to substantially reduce its costs by relying on the cost-efficient […]

A nice change…
September 12, 2003—It’s always nice to see when a company takes the conservative road when it comes to the expected rate of return on their pension funds. As I note in Chapter 2, many pros like to look at this number because it tells them pretty quickly whether the company is likely to be aggressive on their […]

Pricier than Park Place
September 1, 2003—It was right around this time last year when Inktomi — once a high-flying Internet search engine whose stock traded over $200 a share — was forced into a real estate squeeze play. During the Internet boom, Inktomi inked a synthetic lease deal with Deutsche Bank that enabled the company to keep the cost of […]

A 30 percent boost
August 20, 2003—Many savvy investors already know that pensions are one of the best earnings sweeteners around (for a more in-depth discussion of pensions, see Chapter 7, Pensions in Wonderland). But a new study by two Federal Reserve Board economists shows just how sweet pension profits can be. The economists found that some stocks were inflated by […]

Lear Corporation
April 4, 2002—Footnoted's Red Flag Alerts, including this alert about Lear Corporation, are available exclusively to footnoted*Pro subscribers. To subscribe, click here.