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Predators Ball Recalled
April 7, 2005—Fairchild Corp filed a lengthy document last week giving details of a lawsuit involving their long time CEO. Some of you may remember Jeffrey Steiner, who wields a controlling interest in the Company (market cap – $75 million), as a stalwart client of Mike Milken when the company was called Banner Industries. The resolution of […]

This Bud’s for you…
March 17, 2005—When Anheuser Busch (BUD) announced last June that Chief Legal Officer Stephen Lambright would be stepping down at the end of November, they noted that he would continue to consult with the company on legal and government affairs issues. But the release didn’t note how long Lambright would continue to consult, nor how much he […]

That must be some contract!
March 10, 2005—An ordinary investor might think that a CEO who made $18.6 million last year (that’s just salary and bonus and doesn’t include a bunch of other compensation) might feel a little sheepish about having to hit up investors to also cover the expense of negotating his employment contract, particularly when the amount exceeds the salary […]

More money, less work!
February 1, 2005—When Rentrak (RENT) announced last week in a press release that F.Kim Cox, an 18 year veteran of the company was stepping down as president as part of a reorganization but would stay on as a consultant, it was one sentence buried in the last paragraph of the release, just above the “About Rentrak” section. […]

A slow leak…
January 4, 2005—With each year’s proxy, boat retailer MarineMax (HZO) keeps leaking a few more details about its related-party transactions. Two years ago, the only disclosure was about a director whose law firm served as the company’s primary legal counsel, though the company provided no details on how much money it had paid the law firm. Last […]

Gobble, gobble…
November 24, 2004—Enticing top legal talent to move from Atlanta to northwestern Arkansas, where Tyson Foods (TSN) is based clearly takes a good dose of artificial sweetener. When Tyson announced back in August that it had hired former BellSouth (BLS) general counsel, J. Alberto Gonzalez-Pita, it didn’t provide any details on how it managed to reel him […]

November 12, 2004—Yesterday, Office Max (OMX) named Brian Anderson as its new CFO. Anderson, 53, had been CFO at Baxter International (BAX) up until the end of July when he left the company after a string of earnings disappointments. In this release announcing Anderson’s replacement at Baxter, Anderson, who in 2002 was named by Fortune magazine as […]

Duck and cover…
November 11, 2004—It’s always interesting when companies try to bury their own bad news by releasing it on a day when few people are likely to be paying much attention. For example, last Tuesday, which you might recall was Election Day, troubled Tenet Healthcare (THC) reported its quarterly results and also filed its Q. Coincidence? Probably not. […]

That’s one pricey cheesecake!
October 29, 2004—When employees at publicly traded companies charge that the company violated wage and hour laws, investors invariably wind up footing the bill for the back pay, penalties, and (of course) the legal fees. And that bill is invariably more expensive than whatever it would have cost to pay the employees in the first place. That’s […]

Bad boy…
September 21, 2004—BioVeris Corp. (BIOV) which should be flying high because its products — biological and chemical detection systems — are in high demand these days has instead taken its investors on a wild ride. The stock has dropped by about 2/3 since March. Why? Because the son of the chairman and CEO, who runs a private […]