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Inheriting a problem?
December 12, 2005—On Friday, the same day that Johnson Controls (JCI) announced that it had completed its $3.2 billion acquisition of York International (YRK), there was an interesting legal disclosure buried in the 10-K that Johnson Controls filed that same day. A subsidiary of York is alleged to have paid nearly $650K in bribes to obtain $7.2 […]

Stuck in the sand?
December 8, 2005—Retailers, even those that focus on something like auto parts and services, are supposed to revel in the holiday season. It’s one coffee-infused sales bonanza. But the Q that Pep Boys Manny, Moe & Jack (PBY) filed yesterday, shows that there’s not all that much to be happy about this season. For one, the Q […]

Maybe they were stunned by all the commotion…
November 15, 2005—TASER International (TASR) , the stun gun maker and one-time Wall Street darling, took a trip on the spin cycle when it filed this

Money for nothing…
November 7, 2005—If 60 is the new 40, then what is someone who’s only 57 doing retiring? While California utility company PG&E (PCG) announced President and CEO Gordon R. Smith’s plans to retire on Dec. 31 back in September, the details of Smith’s severance were buried in an exhibit to the Q. The Q was filed last […]

Odds and ends…
November 1, 2005—I’m still slogging through Friday night’s filings and have come across a number of interesting things at various companies. Here’s a quick run-down: At Extreme Networks (EXTR), the company noted in a proxy filed late Friday that its compensation committee had decided to accelerate the vesting of all options that cost $7 or more under […]

What else are they hiding?
October 24, 2005—Lost in the coverage of the $241,000 Savvis Communications (SVVS) Chairman and CEO Rob McCormick spent at Scores, an upscale strip club in Manhattan, was the fact that the company reported third quarter results on the same day the story broke. Hmmm…wonder which one the PR person fielded more calls on? Although the Daily News […]

Retiring again…
October 19, 2005—Earlier this year, the SEC reached an agreement with dollar store chain Dollar General (DG) over questionable accounting back in 2000 and 2001. Under the agreement, the company forked over $10 million and former CEO and Chairman Cal Turner Jr. anted up $1 million. Fast forward six months and Turner, who stepped down as CEO […]

Calling all lawyers…
October 14, 2005—Typically, laundry lists of legal disclosures are the types of things you see at large tobacco or chemical companies. But a small Connecticut-based company called Competitive Technologies (CTT) is proving that legal woes aren’t just for the big boys. In the K it filed late yesterday, the list of lawsuits is impressive and is clearly […]

Margin call?
September 21, 2005—The proxy that Sun Microsystems (SUNW) filed late yesterday had a few interesting tidbits in it, like the hefty $1.1 million bonus paid to CEO Scott McNealy. But the item that really caught my eye was the growth in the outstanding balance that President and COO Jonathan Schwartz has on a loan made to him […]

Trick or treat in September?
September 19, 2005—While I normally write about things I find in the filings, today’s WSJ interview (it’s subscription-only, but here’s a Reuters summary) with Chris Cox is worth noting. The headlines mostly focus on Cox’s take on rules for hedge funds — the rules that outgoing chairman William Donaldson put in place as he walked out the […]