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Talk, talk…
October 24, 2003—Qwest’s Communications’ (Q) audit committee had lots to talk about in 2002. According to the proxy filed on Friday, the audit committee met 26 times last year, or more than twice a month. Compare that to 2000, when the audit committee met just six times. With 4 members of the committee each receiving $2,000 a […]

Almost magic…
October 14, 2003—One of the neat tricks about accounting rules are that they allow companies to make all sorts of assumptions that can wind up making the numbers look better than they are. Take Adobe Systems (ADBE) , for example, which on Friday disclosed several changes to the way it expenses stock options. By lowering the assumptions […]

Tea-d off at Hain Celestial?
October 6, 2003—Hain Celestial (HAIN) , which makes Celestial Seasonings teas and a whole host of other products in the fast-growing natural foods sector (Terra Chips, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Nile Spice), served up a huge helping of stock options last year — about 2.3 million shares — according to the ammended 10-K it filed on Friday. Expensing […]

Third time’s the charm!
September 29, 2003—So far, it’s taken 3 times for Handspring (HAND) to get its 10-K filing right. On Friday, HAND filed two different ammended Ks — one at 5 a.m. and a second at just after 3 p.m. But it was only the latter version which explained that the reason for the do-over was an SEC review […]

Personal finance pays off!
September 22, 2003—Over the past two years, Intuit (INTU) has reduced the number of stock options granted to its employees and executives by half, according to the 10-K filed on Friday. But at least some of that was replaced by a new $18 million restricted stock plan for senior executives. Last year, according to the K, the […]

Whining like a four year-old…
September 14, 2003—You gotta love it when a company with a nearly $2 billion market cap whines like a four-year old over a change in accounting rules that they perceive to be unfair. But that’s exactly what Hovnanian Enterprises (HOV) is doing in its 10-Q filed late Friday. Management believes that the new rules on off-balance sheet […]

Walking the beat…
September 9, 2003—Before Enron, the SEC never used to pay much attention to large companies, figuring the fuzzy math was something that only small companies resorted to. Not anymore! The SEC recently reviewed Dow 30 component Eastman Kodak (EK) and asked the company to be a bit more forthcoming with some of its numbers, according to Kodak’s […]

Let’s get ready to settle….
September 2, 2003—The World Wrestling Federation (WWF) has apparently decided that it’s better to kiss and make up, rather than continue to thrash around in the ring. In the footnotes to a 10-Q filed late Friday, the company said it had reached a Memorandum of Understanding with a group of investors who had filed a suit against […]

Pricier than Park Place
September 1, 2003—It was right around this time last year when Inktomi — once a high-flying Internet search engine whose stock traded over $200 a share — was forced into a real estate squeeze play. During the Internet boom, Inktomi inked a synthetic lease deal with Deutsche Bank that enabled the company to keep the cost of […]