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Meritor’s ex-CEO makes out by “departing”
June 11, 2013—Getting canned stings a bit less for the ex-CEO when it comes with a $1.3 million paycheck for the next 3 years. Plus, much more!

Big Lots’ big Friday night dump
May 8, 2013—We’re never REALLY surprised at the things that wind up in what we’ve come to call the Friday Night Dump — that 90 minute period after the markets close on a Friday, but the SEC remains open for filings. Our own research shows that nearly 9% of all 8Ks filed in a given week are […]

Friday night finds: the CEO guest ranch
February 15, 2013—Late Friday, heading into the three day weekend, Solera Holdings disclosed an agreement to rent a luxury ranch in Jackson Hole, Wy. from a company owned by its CEO.

United Continental’s trip to the Friday night dump
December 17, 2012—Here at footnoted, we’re always fascinated by the things that companies take to the Friday night dump — that magical window on a Friday night after the market closes, but the SEC remains open. It’s no coincidence that the number of 8Ks filed during those 90 minutes is significantly higher than any other 90 minute […]

Lots of activity at the Friday night dump…
November 13, 2012—There were a few things going on last week, most notably a Presidential Election and the continued recovery from SuperStorm Sandy. Throw in the fact that yesterday was a federal holiday and it made for a particularly busy night at the Friday night dump. Exhibit A was the 8-K that Citibank (C) filed at 5:11 […]

Hurricane Sandy in the filings…
October 31, 2012—Hurricane Sandy may have come and gone, leaving a path of destruction and millions (including me) without power. While the markets reopened this morning, EDGAR never closed for business, and since we’re still in the midst of earnings and 10-Q season, that’s meant that the filings load has been heavier than usual. But in addition […]

Back to independence for footnoted!
September 4, 2012—Yesterday may have been Labor Day, but today is Independence Day here at footnoted. That’s because earlier today, Financial Fineprint, a company that I run, bought both footnoted and footnotedPro back from Morningstar. Here’s a link to the official press release. As most footnoted regulars know, Morningstar acquired footnoted in February 2010. Here’s the post […]

$13.22 (each) for his thoughts at Brink’s…
August 27, 2012—All those ambitious junior executives of America who aspire to become chairman or CEO should really set their sights a little higher — to retired executive and honored senior adviser, also known as “consultant.” Granted, being chief something-or-other pays better, but it surely involves more work in return, to judge from the consulting agreement snared […]

Shiny deal for Symantec’s new CEO…
August 24, 2012—A few weeks ago, Symantec Corporation’s (SYMC) board decided that enough was enough. After years of disappointing results under different leaders, the board fired then-chief executive Enrique Salem and tapped its Chairman, Stephen M. Bennett, to become the new president and CEO. The board also charged Bennett with the daunting task of turning the company’s […]

A smorgasbord of pay at Supervalu…
August 3, 2012—Earlier this week, grocery chain Supervalu (SVU), whose brands include Albertson’s, Jewel Osco, and Shaw’s announced that it was replacing its once highly touted CEO, Craig R. Herkert with the company’s current chairman, Wayne C. Sales. Herkert joined Supervalu in mid-2009 after spending nine years climbing the ladder at Wal-Mart (WMT). In the press release […]