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This orphan’s been adopted…
September 15, 2003—Just a few short months ago, Dell (DELL) and CIT (CIT) were both pretty adamant that Dell Fianancial Services, an off-balance sheet joint-venture designed to finance Dell equipment, didn’t belong to either company, despite new accounting rules that seemed to require one of the companies to own up. But in its 10-Q filed on Monday, […]

Compare and contrast…
September 11, 2003—Some shoppers like to compare prices at Wal-Mart (WMT) and Target (TGT) to see who has the best price on, say, diapers. But since both companies came out with their 10-Qs yesterday, let’s compare those instead. Looking at 10-Qs for two similar companies is a great way to quickly spot how different companies handle their […]

Walking the beat…
September 9, 2003—Before Enron, the SEC never used to pay much attention to large companies, figuring the fuzzy math was something that only small companies resorted to. Not anymore! The SEC recently reviewed Dow 30 component Eastman Kodak (EK) and asked the company to be a bit more forthcoming with some of its numbers, according to Kodak’s […]

Sweeter than a Twinkie….
August 22, 2003—Americans may be fatter than ever, but the Chairman of the Board for the company that makes Twinkies and Wonder bread is looking pretty slim, at least when it comes to his stock holdings. Interstate Bakeries’ proxy statement, filed today, shows that Charles Sullivan reduced his stock holdings to 264,169 shares as of Aug. 11, […]

A 30 percent boost
August 20, 2003—Many savvy investors already know that pensions are one of the best earnings sweeteners around (for a more in-depth discussion of pensions, see Chapter 7, Pensions in Wonderland). But a new study by two Federal Reserve Board economists shows just how sweet pension profits can be. The economists found that some stocks were inflated by […]