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A family affair…
October 13, 2003—You have to wonder if while the SEC is poking around at Cardinal Health and taking a closer look at a $22 million litigation settlement as the company announced last week, regulators find other things worth paying closer attention to. In its proxy filed late last week, Cardinal (CAH) discloses several related party transactions with […]

Lots to talk about…
October 3, 2003—It seems as if Sun Microsystem’s (SUNW) board of directors has found religion as far as it’s audit committee is concerned. According to the proxy statement filed on Thursday, the audit committee met 12 times last year — more than twice as many times as they met in fiscal 2002. Of course, all of those […]

September 19, 2003—When a stock’s done as well as Krispy Kreme (KKD) has been doing, few investors bother to ask questions. But there were some interesting disclosures in the company’s recent 10-Q regarding some of the company’s joint-ventures. Among them was that the company paid $67.5 million to a partnership owned by former CEO Joseph A. McAleer […]

Sweeter than a Twinkie….
August 22, 2003—Americans may be fatter than ever, but the Chairman of the Board for the company that makes Twinkies and Wonder bread is looking pretty slim, at least when it comes to his stock holdings. Interstate Bakeries’ proxy statement, filed today, shows that Charles Sullivan reduced his stock holdings to 264,169 shares as of Aug. 11, […]

A 30 percent boost
August 20, 2003—Many savvy investors already know that pensions are one of the best earnings sweeteners around (for a more in-depth discussion of pensions, see Chapter 7, Pensions in Wonderland). But a new study by two Federal Reserve Board economists shows just how sweet pension profits can be. The economists found that some stocks were inflated by […]

If only we were so lucky….
August 18, 2003—Dozens of companies including Apple Computer and Delta Airlines have recently announced option exchange programs, according to recent 10-Q filings. This perfectly legal accounting trick, which surfaced several years ago, allows employees to exchange their underwater options for new lower priced ones as long as they wait six months and a day to get the […]