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A rising tide…
October 16, 2003—Investors in Carnival Corp.’s (CCL) zero-coupon bonds have something to cheer about, though Carnival shareholders won’t be as happy. Buried deep in the company’s 10-Q filed yesterday is the disclosure that Carnival’s zero coupon bonds are now convertible to 17.4 million shares of stock because Carnival stock hit $33.77 a share for an undisclosed defined […]

Change is good!
October 8, 2003—Rite-Aid’s (RAD) former chief counsel Franklin C. Brown is currently on trial in a federal courthouse in Pennsylvania facing a number of criminal charges, most of them related to creative accounting. But the company’s 10-Q filed on Tuesday shows how the company is trying to win back investors, in part, by being very open with […]

Nice work if you can get it….
September 8, 2003—In PalmSource’s (PSRC) registration statement to offer 2.75 million shares filed earlier today, the company notes that it has entered into a consulting contract with one of its directors, Satjiv Chahil. Under the contract, which was entered into on August 1, Chahil will receive $11,200 per month in exchange for four days of work. His […]